Work with schools

Brilliant Bristol

In 2015 we were very proud and happy to support the Brilliant Bristol project. This was an initiative led by Andy Cope founder of The Art of Brilliance. It was designed to make the children taking part happier, more confident and more positive people. Teaching them to make the most of every day as well as the importance of setting goals and working towards them in a positive way.

8 schools from across Bristol took part in the project which involved a series of workshops and events spread over 6 months, starting with a day on the importance of happiness and culminating with the Random Acts of Kindness Day, where the kids smashed the World Record for the most kind acts done in a city in a day.

GB Fit supported the project from start to finish. We were talking to the children about how we approach our lives and training and what we have achieved as a result. We were showing them that if you are positive, apply yourself properly and work hard you can achieve anything you want. After this we supported the kids through all the stages, visiting schools, doing random kind acts and encouraging and helping them at all the workshops.

It was a great project that we were more than happy to donate our time to.

Little Mead primary school

Little Mead is one of the schools that took part in the Brilliant Bristol Project. Following the project the Head Teacher asked us to teach some PE lessons for Year 4. We spent 2 terms working with the kids, improving their fitness, coordination, flexibility and discipline. We based the lessons on the type of exercises we do as part of our martial arts, as well as teaching them some basic techniques.

We are now working with the Year 5 kids for 2 terms doing the same thing.

Other work

In addition, we have worked in other capacities with Ashley Down, Ashton Gate, Elmea, Littlemead Academy, Southville and Victoria Park.