Sunday 29th – Watford Open

Another successful tournament for GB Fit yesterday at the Watford Open!

Apart from the Bristol Open, I would say the Watford Open is the next biggest tournament in the UK with a massive turn out of hundreds of competitors not only from the UK but from European countries too!!

We had a small team this time round of just 5 fighters consisting of ..
1. Domenic Cimini
2. Beau Concannon
3. Jack Sowersby
4. Liam Holden
5. Izzy Whitmore

Everyone fought their hearts out and gave 100%. Domenic and Beau fought extremely well for their first big tournament and both would have learned a great deal and gained great experience in the process, not just in the martial arts world, but in life in general…. with Domenic achieving 1st place, so a big well done to both of them.
Jack, Liam and Izzy really made me proud as all three of them came 1st with Liam winning both his points division and his light contact… as a coach, I couldn’t have asked for any more…


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WAKO 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner – 23 January

At the WAKO 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner, Sharon was presented with her 3rd Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing. This was presented to her by the head of WAKO GB to reflect her many achievements in the sport and her years of dedication. It is a well deserved honour for a someone who has done so much for the sport.

GB Fit student Liam Holden also won the award for the Top Young Cadet of the Year which is a great achievement. Well done Liam! Sharon also won Top Female of the Year. Well done both!

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Sporting Stars help kids set goals

Eight primary schools across Bristol attended Day 2 of the Art of Being Brilliant, Brilliant Bristol project yesterday at the Bristol Rovers Memorial Stadium.

Brilliant Bristol aims to inspire Year 5 children to choose to adopt a positive attitude, become more confident and to raise levels of happiness. The project is being delivered by Andy Cope a leading author, professional trainer and happiness expert.
The key principles of the Art of Being Brilliant were delivered on Day 1 at the Gloucestershire County Cricket Ground in January. Day 2 of the project focussed on setting huge unbelievably great goals (HUGGs), how to bounce back from setbacks and become more resilient.
The session was boosted by the attendance of local sports personalities who shared their experiences of what it took to become successful and achieve their goals. The link to sports for this session was really important as it demonstrated clearly the importance of setting goals, not giving up, dedication and success.

Dan Bythe, Kung Fu black sash from GB Fit talked about the experiences of 6 x World Kickboxing Champion Sharon Gill and the dedication and determination she displayed to win at the highest level. Dan then led a Kung Fu demonstration and set his own goal by getting 500 children practicing a short Kung Fu routine.

Dan said: “GB Fit are very excited to be helping the Art of Brilliance team with the Brilliant Bristol project. The whole ethos behind Being Brilliant is something we already embrace as a club and we are proof that it can lead to great things. The opportunity to help get these messages across to kids in Bristol so they can become the best people possible is something we relish. Brilliant Bristol is an […]

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